List of Gastrointestinal Health Test

GI Flora Test


A new platform, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), is used to detect GI flora, which is based on the 16S rDNA sequencing technology in the human microbiome project. The test can analyze the ecological environment in an applicant’s intestine, including the whole condition of the flora and the content of probiotics and pathogen. Furthermore, it can assess the condition of the individual immune system and also evaluate the risk of suffering from some diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and irritable bowel syndrome, etc. Additionally, the individual program of health condition can be tailor-made for each applicant in order to promote the balance of GI flora and to improve the health of applicants.


  1. Non-invasive and simple stool examination.

  2. The latest technology in molecular detection, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), which can ensure the accuracy of the test results.

  3. The unique experimental design that truly reflects the composition of the sample flora.

  4. Comprehensive and detailed test results.

  5. Clear and professional health advices.


People who have abnormal blood glucose and lipids, gastrointestinal discomfort, those with constipation, obesity, immunocompromised, irregular diet and work, those who are lack of exercise and often use antibiotics.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

By analyzing the composition of bacteria in an intestine, the risks of bowel diseases, chronic diseases, and cancer, etc. can be assessed. According to the test results, the individualize suggestions of improving intestinal health can be provided, and the consultation platform for intestinal health are also available for customers. All the services mentioned above can help customers have individualized diet, nutrition, and the suggestions of probiotics intake. In modern society, people consider that prevention outweigh treatments, so the importance of the intestinal examination is that you can not only monitor individual’s intestine but also provide feasible ways of preventing suffering from diseases much earlier