HLA-A*3101 Detection Kit

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HLA-A*3101 Detection Kit

Relating to Drug: Carbamazepine

Product Features

  • Required only hours from blood sample to results.
  • Designed for easy operation & analysis.
  • Mix & Match design.
Regulatory Status

The HLA-A*3101 allele is associated with Carbamazepine (CBZ)-induced hypersensitivity reactions in patients of Northern European and Japan ancestry. HLA-A*3101 is located on chromosome 6 and belongs to the family of human leukocyte antigens. Detection of this allele can be used to identify patients who may be at greater risk of CBZ-induced hypersensitivity reactions.

Product Performance

HLA-A*3101 Detection Table

Test Process

  • PCR Master Mix inc. SYBR Green
  • HLA-A*3101 Detection Mix
  • Internal Control Detection Mix
  • Positive Control Templates
HLA-A*3101 Detection Test