DNA Extraction

Pharmigene: DNA Extraction

DNA Extraction

AutoEx16 is a simple, fast and cost-effective technique to automatically purify nucleic acids from a wide range of sample types for applications like gene expression analysis, clinical molecular diagnosis, human identity testing, forensics, and biomedical research. 



  • Flexible design:1-16 samples can be run without waste of resources
  • Simple procedure guaranteed by touch button operation 
  • Contamination free achieved with the use of prefilled reagents, disposables and integrated UV sterilization 
  • Processing Time : 30-70 minutes (depends on sample type and method)




AutoEx16 Instrument


Pharmigene AutoEx16 Genomic DNA Purification Whole Blood Kit (Non-Sterile)


Pharmigene AutoEx16 Genomic DNA Purification Tissue Kit (Non-Sterile)


Pharmigene AutoEx16 Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (Non-Sterile)