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DOW Biomedica appointed new distributor in South Korea -  |


We are very pleased to announce we have appointed DOW Biomedica Inc. to our growing list of worldwide distributors.

DOW Biomedica is a distributor of diagnostic products, specialising in molecular diagnostics, immunology, microbiology and QC materials. Established in 2004, DOW Biomedica has become one of the leading quality providers in the dynamic, changing market environment of Korea. The mission of DOW Biomedica is to provide state-of-the-art products and support to their customers. 

After partnering with Pharmigene, the first promoting diagnostics test in Korea would be HLA-B*58:01 genetic test. It’s is evident that HLA-B*58:01 gene frequencies was 7.0%, in concordance with previous studies on general population, screening of HLA-B*58:01 before the use of allopurinol might be needed to anticipate probability of SJS/TEN.

From now on you can place your orders directly at DOW Biomedica.

Welcome aboard the Pharmigene family!

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