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LCM Genect appointed new distributor in Italy -  |


We are very pleased to announce we have appointed LCM Genect to our growing list of worldwide distributors.

LCM Genect is a newly founded Italian company committed to the development of scientifically proven and ground-breaking molecular diagnosis and pharmacogenetics tests, and to the development of Precision Medicine.

The goal of LCM Genect is to ensure technological breakthroughs as well as to deliver accurate and reliable tests, so that their outcomes can be used to determine and personalise therapy protocols, bringing tangible benefits to everyone’s life.

Thanks to LCM’s history in the pharmaceutical industry going as far back as 1982 and to the vast experience of its founding members in the field of diagnostics, LCM Genect is able to claim scientific and commercial credibility.

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From now on you can place your orders directly at LCM Genect.

Welcome aboard the Pharmigene family!

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