DNA / RNA Synthesis Reagents

DNA / RNA Synthesis Reagents

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DNA / RNA Synthesis Reagents

Products for DNA and RNA synthesis including: synthesis supports and columns for 3' labeling and specialty amidites. These products are available for all of our fluorophores as well as for many non-fluorescent labels.

Black Hole Quencher ® Reagents:
Black Hole Quencher® (BHQ®) dyes are true dark quenchers that have become the quenchers of choice for FRET (Forster resonance energy transfer) quenching assays. Their ability to quench across the visible spectrum and into the IR makes them ideal for quenching the entire range of fluorophores. Biosearch offers BHQ amidites, acids, esters, columns and bulk CPGs for labeling.

Other Quencher Reagents:
We offer dabsyl amidite and dabcyl CPG and columns in addition to our more popular BHQ quenchers.

Proprietary Fluorophore Reagents:
Biosearch developed its own vibrant reporter CAL Fluor®, Quasar® and Pulsar® fluorophores as perfect partners to the BHQ quenchers, especially suitable for the challenges of multiplexed probe analysis. Today, Biosearch offers the most comprehensive reporter / quencher pairs to span the spectrum, routinely used in applications from R&D to IVD.

Generic Fluorophore Reagents:
Commonly used fluorophores for DNA labeling including fluorescein, TAMRA, TET, HEX and ROX.

DNA Modification Reagents:
Non-fluorescent modification reagents including amino-modifying, biotinylating, phosphorylating, thiol-modifying reagents and spacers.

Standard DNA Synthesis Reagents:Biosearch Technologies' standard nucleoside supports have a 3' succinate linkage. Our supports packed in columns come with a variety of different protecting groups and are compatible with most automated DNA synthesizers, or are offered as bulk CPGs (controlled pore glass). Most supports are offered in different glass pore sizes, 500Å, 1000Å, 1400Å and 2000Å.

Standard RNA Synthesis Reagents:
This section contains A, C, G and U supports for RNA synthesis.

DNA Purification Products:
Rapid purification of 5'-DMT-protected oligonucleotides. Our MicroSync II Vacuum Manifold System is a solvent-resistant, 96-well format platform for purification cartridges.

DNA Synthesizer Accessories:
SuperColumn DNA synthesis columns for automated synthesizers, standard synthesis columns and frits are available for a variety of DNA synthesizers.