Biosearch Inc.




Biosearch Technologies commits itself to perfecting the design and manufacture of innovative nucleic acid based products that accelerate the discovery and application of genomic information. Biosearch strive for the highest levels of product quality and customer satisfaction in the diverse markets to which they cater worldwide.


ValuPanel Reagents

ValuPanel 試劑組

Stellaris RNA FISH Probes

Stellaris RNA 螢光原位雜交探針組

Fluorogenic Probes and Primers

Fluorogenic Probes and Primers - 螢光探針與引子

Custom Oligonucleotides

Custom Oligonucleotides

DNA / RNA Synthesis Reagents

DNA / RNA合成試劑

Labeling Reagents

Labeling Reagents - 標記用試液


Immunochemicals - 免疫化學藥品