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DNA kits

Swift 2S Turbo
DNA Library kits

Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library Kits are a fast, efficient and cost-effective library prep solution. Leveraging a robust enzymatic fragmentation prep and flexible indexing, you can prepare high-quality whole genome and exome libraries using a broad range of input amounts and sample types.

Accel-NGS® 2S
DNA Library kits

The Accel-NGS 2S family of products employ a combination of unique fragment repair mechanisms and an exceptionally efficient adapter technology. The synergy in this process allows for processing DNA inputs as low as 10 pg while minimizing base composition bias in final libraries

Accel-NGS® 1S
DNA Library kits

The Accel-NGS 1S DNA Library Kits enable users to make libraries from the impossible. Libraries can be made from precious, damaged and degraded samples by using Swift's Adaptase™ technology.

Accel-NGS® Methyl-Seq
DNA Library Kit

The Accel-NGS Methyl-Seq DNA Library Kit maximizes DNA recovery of bisulfite-converted samples, to support inputs down to single cell. The kit provides the most comprehensive, uniform coverage of the methylome to support whole genome and targeted sequencing.  The Accel-NGS Methyl-Seq Kit is also compatible with bisulfite-converted DNA samples enriched by ChIP or other methods as well as ancient DNA samples that may be deaminated.


RNA library kits

Swift RNA
Library kit

The Swift RNA Library Kit offers a fast, robust NGS transcriptomics workflow with optimal transcript coverage and NGS data quality from a broad range of input quantities for Illumina® sequencing platforms

Swift Rapid RNA
Library kit

The Swift Rapid RNA Library Kit offers the fastest, lowest cost NGS transcriptomics workflow for Illumina® sequencing platforms.


Normalase kit

Swift NormlaseTM

The Swift Normalase Kit is a novel enzymatic NGS library normalization technology that streamlines library balancing and pooling for ease of loading on Illumina® sequencing platforms

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