Research Areas

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Gain a multidimensional view of cancer. Address the true complexities of cancer with sharper resolution into the cell types and mutations that drive cancer. 10x Genomics develops technologies that illuminate the details and dynamics of this complicated disease.



Uncover the Layers of Immune Cell Complexity. Addressing the intricacies of the immune system leads to actionable insight into infectious disease, autoimmune disorders, immunotherapy development, and cancer. Learn how you can explore immunology with unprecedented breadth, depth, and precision to truly change the course of human health using 10x Genomics technology.



In order to decipher the full complexity of the nervous system, neuroscientists need to be able to measure the molecular phenotypes of individual cells and visualize how these diverse cells are organized within neural tissues. 10x Genomics empowers neuroscientists to study the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying both normal function and disease states with our single cell analysis and spatial gene expression solutions.