About Pharmigene

About Pharmigene

Pharmigene is established in 2005 and funded by venture capital firms and individuals. Our goal is to innovate and commercialize diagnostic tests that enable individuals to be better informed about their genomic makeup and to make decisions that better their health. We have licensed exclusive world-wide rights and transferred key know-how from Academia Sinica relating to the genetic markers that are associated with adverse drug reactions caused by several popular drugs. We have obtained ISO 13485 and GMP certifications, and are manufacturing our DNA genetic tests under the most stringent guideline. In developing our DNA genetic tests, we also have validated our tests with clinical studies that involved hundreds and thousands of patients. Today our DNA genetic tests are available world wide. Specifically several of our tests have obtained IVD clearance from Department of Health in Taiwan.


To pretect every human life, to prevent adverse drug reactions, to increase the drug efficacy and safety.

Core Values

Regarding Our Products...
Our products are always designed, redesigned, developed, manufactured, and packaged with utmost focus on quality, reliability, and user friendliness.

To Our Customers...
Pharmigene places greatest value in customer's satisfaction. We deliver our products with promised quality as a trustworthy partner. Fast responses to our customers' needs and questions is always our top priority.

To Our Manufacturing Service Partners...
All Pharmigene's products are conducted with uncompromising integrity. We strictly protect our partner's intellectual property and "know-how"; meanwhile, we do our best to assist our partners in achieving their goals.

To Pharmigene Team...
All Pharmigene teammates are committed to a high level of achievement and contribution. At Pharmigene, we regard every employee as a prime wealth and resource, and we need people who have high integrity and caliber. As our corporate value, integrity is the most critical key point what we request for the mission of providing reliable and complete solutions and services. 

To Our Shareholders...
We offer our gratitude to all our shareholders, customers, and business partners for their long-term support and encouragement. Pharmigene and its employees will spare no effort to maintain a firm commitment to enhance its corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. Pharmigene will continue to move towards sustainable development and to seek better corporate value for its shareholders, customers, and employees.