Gastrointestinal Health Test

 Gut Microbiome = Human Second Genome  

While the gut also harbor yeasts, single-cell eukaryotes, viruses and small parasitic worms, most of the gut microbiome are bacteria. The average healthy adult has up to 2kg of bacteria, of thousands of different species and more than 100 Trillion bacteria live in the gut. With all these bacteria in our gut, we have more bacterial genes than human genes, it means we actually own the second genome in our bodies. 

Gut microbiome help us by playing an important role in keeping us gastrointestinal function. GI function is critical for good health. We provides non-invasive stool test for gut microbiome analysis to evaluate GI health, capacity of nutrient absorption, change of GI health status. Our professional nutritionists team provide personalized nutrition plan designed for you.