Molecular Diagnostic Products Manufacturing

Pharmigene's customized services leverage the experience and know-how from the development, manufacturing, regulatory processing, and marketing of its own diagnostic products. Our partners can utilize our services to meet local regulatory requirements for molecular diagnostic tests, to productize a academic discoveries, to have products manufactured under GMP / ISO settings without costly investment, to have a robust product for clinical trial, to reach new customers in Asia, etc.

Molecular Diagnostics

  • Transforming Laboratory Develop Test (LDT) and Research Use Only (RUO), products to Analyte Specific Reagents (ASR), or IVD products.
  • Working with experts that are driven by customer's satisfaction and have experience working with CLIA laboratories, Start-Ups, and research institutions.
  • Our-Sourcing GMP/ISO set-up and manufacturing without costly financial commitment.
  • Developing RT-PCR based molecular diagnostic products.
  • Validating your products through our network of hospital partners in Asia.